Brass Family / Soprano and Alto Voice

Trumpet is a somewhat difficult instrument in the beginning, especially if good technique is not taught and followed.
It is the highest pitched instrument of the Brass family. It has an energetic sound which rewards confident playing.

Trumpet is in the Cylindrical / Directional Brass family, along with Trombone and Bass Trombone. This family provides the power, punch and brilliance in a band sound.

Physical Attributes

  • Lips are thin to medium - thicker lips can make for amazing trumpet players, but dedication to good technique is critical to achiever the higher notes
  • Front 4 adult teeth all present (2 top, 2 bottom)
  • Front teeth are straight and even, closed teeth meet evenly
    Large overbites can make things tricky, other Brass family instruments may suit better
  • For smaller students, the Cornet is a possible alternative which is less tiring to hold up

Character Attributes

  • Strong work habits - willing to practice diligently and consistently

Blow Test Achievements

  • Demonstrate good lip control with the “flutter” and “fly” exercises

Instrument Progression

French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba
Brass Band - Cornet and Flugelhorn
Jazz - Flugelhorn

(Moving onto Euphonium is easy, most band pieces have a Baritone T.C part which are trumpeter can read and play on Eupho exactly as the would on trumpet, only it sounds an octave lower.
Moving onto French Horn is fairly straight forward also, although the Horn is definitely a more difficult instrument to master.
If switching to Horn from trumpet, get a single Horn in F or use the F side of a double horn. The fingering is Left Handed, but the same as the upper octave of the trumpet)