Barrenjoey High Concert Band - Repertoire

Barrenjoey High School Concert Band

2018 Repertoire

Term 3

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NBIF Gala concert


Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival  2017

Appraisal by James Brice

Audio quality isn't great. The mic'ing position means the balance does not represent the sound in the room. 
The piano mics were sent straight into the recording so the piano and horns are much too loud, especially in Danzas Cubanus.

However, James Brice' appraisal is wonderful as always and his comments on blend, balance and dynamics do represent how it sounded in the room at the back of the audience. The recording highlights very well any rhythmic issues and lack of togetherness, wrong notes and intonation issues.

So these recording are an amazing and valuable educational tool, so long as you listen with that in mind.

Repertoire 2017

note: I use the term "chorale" of any piece which feature slow, soft and beautiful playing.
Often used as a warm up piece, we use these to work on blend, balance, intonation and phrasing.

Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival 2016

Gala Concert - Appraisal by James Brice

Repertoire - 2016