Euphonium / Baritone


Brass Family / Tenor Voice

The Baritone is essentially just a more compact version of the Euphonium, which sounds a little closer to a trombone.
The Euphonium is for most students, the easiest brass instrument to play. It’s sound is deep, rich and warm.

Euphonium is in the Conical / Non-directional Brass Family, along with French Horn and Tuba.
This family provides the warmth and depth in a band sound.

Physical Attributes

  • Lips are medium to thick
  • Front 4 adult teeth all present (2 top, 2 bottom)
  • Front teeth are straight and even, closed teeth meet evenly
    Large overbites can be accommodated

Blow Test Achievements

  • Demonstrate good lip control with the “flutter” and “fly” exercises

Instrument Progression

Trombone for playing in a Jazz Ensemble
Trumpet, French Horn

Euphonium Family

The Euphonium can be a little confusing as there are multiple names and a variety of different looking designs.
They all play the same part role in Band Music. 
The Baritone Horn is smaller and more compact, but has the same length of tubing.
Intermediate and Professional Euphoniums usually have a 4th valve.