Current as of Nov 2017

Current as of Nov 2017

Instruments I teach

Trumpet  -  Horn  -  Trombone  -  Euphonium / Baritone  -  Tuba  -  Jazz Piano

Where I Teach

I teach on site at the schools where I conduct bands.
At this stage I only teach students who are in my band programs. 
I don't even have enough room to teach all of those who wish to learn from me at school, so I am unable to offer lessons outside of these schools.
Currently: Mona Vale Public School, Barrenjoey High School, Pittwater High School

Missed Lesson Policy

Because I provide lessons at your school, I have specially set aside this time in my schedule for you. If you are unable to attend your lesson, I am unable to fill this vacant slot with another student. Therefore payment is required whether or not you attend the lesson.
My schedule is so full I cannot generally offer makeup lessons, however I do my best to accommodate when possible. If I am unable to attend a lesson for whatever reason, I will endeavour to find a make up lesson time which suits you or I will credit the lesson on next term's invoice.

Make-Up Lessons From An Economist’s Point Of View

by Vicky Barham
This is a great article written by a parent of music students who is also an economist.