Why I don't recommend
Jupiter Student Instruments

Many students ask about the Jupiter instruments.
I can only share my experience with you.
Jupiter has a terrible reputation from the past; however all reports are that their quality control has improved a long way, for which I commend them.
Their instrument often play and feel great when new!

However, if I use the trumpet as an example (which is my strongest area of experience) I have been totally unimpressed with the Jupiter range of student trumpets.

Jupiter Valve Oil

Firstly, they include the most awful valve oil with their instruments. Of course you can easily just buy a $10 bottle of a better oil, but for me the sums up Jupiters attitude to their instruments. If someone is buying a $600 instrument you are claiming is great quality, why wouldn't you include a quality oil which will protect that instrument and keep it running beautifully. For the sake of saving a couple of dollars, Jupiter cheap out on a critical part of the buying experience. This doesn't indicate a passion for excellence or standing for what is best for our young students who don't know any better.

Jupiter Valves

Even when used with a good, readily available Valve Oil like the Yamaha or Al Cass (the one with the rocket); Jupiter valves seem to wear out much more quickly than Yamaha. It is critical that new valves are flushed and cleaned regularly as they wear in. But even so, when I compare the trumpets of my students who bought comparable Jupiters and Yamahas, the valves on the Yamaha's feel much better after only just one year of playing. 2-4 years down the track the difference is very noticeable

Jupiter Metal

It is my opinion that Jupiter uses a softer metal for building their instruments. The ease of denting and bending their student instruments is concerning. Compare the visual condition of a 4 year old student Jupiter or Yamaha and you will notice that Jupiters consistently have flattened bell ends, scratches, dents and the like. Considering the Yamaha equivalent is usually the same price (trumpet) or a couple of hundred more (Euphonium), I simply cannot recommend a Jupiter Brass instrument to anyone.
It appears the same is true of the Saxophones. The keys are bent out of alignment more easily, requiring more regular servicing. Many Sax / Clarinet teachers have noted to me that buying a Jupiter instrument but putting a better mouthpiece (like a Yamaha) on it makes it play much better. This is valuable advice to know! However, for me it just reinforces my view that Jupiter cut corners in important areas....why don't they just include a decent mouthpiece in the first place?

I know I've probably laboured the point, but it's a controversial topic which parents want to understand.
Many teachers looking at my Buyers Guides will ask, "how come you haven't included Jupiter?"
Now you know and can make your own informed decision in consultation with your teacher.